What is W.A.A.S?

Website As A Service, is a service where we as the service provider not only create, maintain and regularly update your website but also manage your social media presence and help you build your online community.

What is W.A.A.P?

Website as a Product, is a product we deliver to you. We create a personalized, user friendly website that your clients will love to visit & will draw new customers to your business.

What is S.M.M?

Social Media Marketing is a service we render to design high quality, graphical, video and creative text Posts on your behalf to your Social Media Platforms. We also post "about you" to create a wider Social Media footprint.

I want a website that I can update myself.

We develop CMS websites where you will be able to update your website content through a simplified admin panel. Updates such as product prices, news flashes, calendar events etc. will be a breeze through the CMS admin dashboard.

I want Live Chat on my website to interact with my website visitors.

Our Websites feature a Free Chat add-on where you can chat with your website visitors from your phone or from your computer.

What if I already have a site, but getting no return on my investment?

We ensure that your presence becomes not only noticeable in the online community, but also ensure that your social media platforms are directing potential customers & clients to your website.

We recommend the S.M.M service where we manage and update your online marketing through strategic marketing campaigns.

Our Website analytics service provides a clear indication where website visitors enter, leave or browse on your website.

It shows page errors, and detailed website activities that assist in the development of a online presence that compliments the business.

I want to serve existing Customers better.

We develop & host Customer support modules that is an add-on to your website. Your customers can request services and products via a ticket & task system.
Your customers can log-in & request services and also check in on the status of the work & service related to the enquiry.

I don't really have much content for my website (Text or Graphics)

This is not surprising! Most people do not have their businesses in "text" format.

We develop, design and formulate the text and graphical content based on your product and services.

We make use of industry-related content from where you can simply request alterations and editing rather than "writing from scratch" 

I serve the local community, not nation-wide or International...Is a website really a viable option?
Off course we will say: "YES"!
In all honesty, business in the current world cannot do without an online presence.
The Marketing strategy should be adapted to focus on pre-defined maps and rules.

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